The absolute worse time for your central air conditioning system to start having fits and problems is during the hot summer in Spring, TX.  It seems that this tends happens quite often.  It doubles in frustration because not only are you hot and miserable, but now you have an unexpected bill that needs to be paid. The good news is that now is the time to prevent you and your family being one of the unfortunate ones to have this happen to them.  By calling a professional HVAC specialist like,, today and scheduling an appointment for a preventative maintenance on unit, you can avoid most potential issues. Though there are steps that you as the owner can take to help this process, having an annual tune up by a professional can help in more ways than one.  Most warranties on AC units require that you have a professional come and do an annual maintenance tune up.  What is the process, you might ask? Your professional specialist will not only give your system a thorough cleaning, but he or she will also check for an leaks, holes, cracks, or any other types of damage.  They will also make sure all parts are functioning correctly as well as lubricate them.  Recharge the refrigerant, or Freon, as well as inside your home check all your air ducts for leaks, mold, or dirt and your thermostat. If there are any serious issues that can cause your AC system to not function properly throughout the summer, they can help you figure out a solution.  Their job is to make sure that your system is efficient and you and your family stay comfortable.  Having this preventative maintenance done will also help prolong the life of your AC unit. From here it is important that you maintain your air conditioning system’s needs such as changing out the filter, usually recommended right at the beginning of the summer, and routinely check it for any buildup.  If it is found dirty, it is best to replace right away as this will affect the air flow through your home.  It also will affect how efficient your AC unit will run; if the filter is dirty your system will need to work harder to get the air pushed through your air ducts.  This can cause both a higher energy bill as well as potential for your system to “freeze up” or other issues. Routinely checking your thermostat to make sure that it is on the correct settings and has a fully charged battery can help with both your energy bill but also with making sure it is not over working your air conditioning system. Being both diligent as well as knowledgeable with unit will further help you to know how to better care and maintain the system.  If you are ever in doubt, it is always best to consult with a professional. Make sure that your schedule your appointment today with us! > Company 13940 Bammel North Houston Rd #111 Houston, TX 77066