When your old air conditioning unit goes out on you, especially during the hottest time down here in Spring, TX, it can be very crucial to find a replacement as soon as possible.  Though we do know how important it is to quickly resolve this issue, before purchasing a new AC unit, it is very important to consider a few things. Which air conditioning system do you already have?  There are two different types, one is conventional which are much more commonly used due to them be able to handle wide temperature swings whereas the other type are heat pumps which are generally used where the weather is more moderate without varying change in temperature.  Generally in Texas, due to extreme heat, most all homes we can assume use the conventional. There are a few other important things that need to be considered as well when looking to choose the right AC unit for you.  Size is one of the more important of the factors to consider.  You would think that the bigger the unit the better right?  This is generally incorrect way of thinking.  Where if you purchase a unit too small, it could over work the unit and cause severe damage. When you purchase a unit too large, it will not only cause you to use more energy than needed, it will also not remove enough humidity from the room or rooms.  This will leave a damp and clammy feeling in the air. Efficiency, especially with energy, is a big thing to consider now-a-days.  Everyone wants to save money on their energy bill, especially during the hot Texas summers right?  This is measured by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating, as known as SEER. You cannot typically choose one that has a lower rating of 13, so the greater the SEER number, the lower your energy costs will be.  The most efficient models for AC units, their SEER ratings run from 15 to 17.  How it works is if you compare a unit that has a SEER rating of 10 to one that is 13, the rating 13 has a thirty percent higher efficiency than the 10. If you are replacing an old system by upgrading it, do not assume that this means you have to purchase a similar size air conditioning system.  Especially if you have done anything to improve your home to become more energy efficient, like replacing windows or additional insulation.  If you have done one of these or something similar, these will lower your cooling needs whereas if you added onto your home, it may have increased your needs. Also if you are upgrading your unit, whichever professional HVAC specialist that you have to install your unit needs to make an evaluation to check your ducts and make sure they do not need to be replaced, resized, insulated, or sealed.  Also, your indoor evaporator coil and outdoor condenser need to be a matching set so they function properly with providing cooling air to your home. A few other things to consider while upgrading or getting a new air conditioning system is if you do not already have one, a programmable thermostat.  Having one of these can really reduce your cooling and heating costs by as much as twenty percent because you can set it up where it will adjust the temperature during specific times of day if you wish. Another thing is maybe investing in either a ceiling fan or a box/floor fan.  These can help circulate the air throughout the room and make the room feel much cooler than it really is. Some places where you purchase your new AC system from can offer a service plan that offers inspections, which are your annual preventative maintenance along with discounts towards any repairs you may need down the road as well as a labor warranty.  If you can get one of these, they can be a huge money saver in the long run. Lastly, do not forget that finding an experienced, highly recommended HVAC specialist, like zhilische-vlz.ru, is upmost important as you would need someone to help install your new AC unit. Make sure that your schedule your appointment today with us! > zhilische-vlz.ru Company 13940 Bammel North Houston Rd #111 Houston, TX 77066 http://zhilische-vlz.ru/