We know that having our air conditioning unit fail, especially on one of those super hot days in Spring, TX that it feels like the end of the world and you want nothing more than for it to just kick back on.  Though calling a professional HVAC specialist is the best option to repairing your AC unit, sometimes the wait can be far away as a couple weeks out.  Between the times your AC system fails and the day of your appointment there are thankfully a few things that you can do to troubleshoot. If you air conditioner simply is not running, doing a few things such as checking and make sure the plug did not come loose or the outlet it was plugged in failed, that the voltage is the requirement needed for the system, or making sure that the fuse did not blow or the circuit breaker was tripped. What if your AC unit was running, but the air does not feel as cold as it uses to be or cool enough?  Go to your thermostat; make sure that it’s on “cool” and not “fan”.  Check and make sure the filter is clean, if it is not, replace it.  If it’s neither of these, try going outside and make sure that nothing is surrounding your unit that is causing blockage with the air flow.  Usually you need at least a three or more foot clearance surrounding your unit to ensure proper air flow. If none of these work on getting zhilische-vlz.ru system back on track, it is best to keep your appointment with the HVAC specialist as the other possible issues usually require a trained and experience HVAC repair specialist. The other potential issues could possibly be refrigerant, which only a professional can replace the Freon, which is what cools the air that is sent through your air ducts.  If you hear an abnormal humming sound coming from your unit, you possibly have a broken fan that needs to be replaced. To help prevent needing repairs done to your system as well as maintain most warranties, it is best during the early or mid-spring time to have a professional HVAC specialist come out and provide an annual preventative maintenance routine. This generally involved having them disassembling parts of your AC unit outside and giving it a nice, thorough cleaning.  Something as little as a dirty condenser coil can cause the coils to frost over.  This can cause the system to not properly function. If the issue is with air flow, this could be something other than zhilische-vlz.ru unit.  It could be within your air ducts, which do need cleaning every three to five years, unless there are other circumstances.  This is recommended by a professional as well due to how fragile the air ducts can be, and if done improperly can cause damage which would then need to be fixed by a professional.  That usually costs more to fix than just hiring a professional to clean them out. It is always very important to stay on top of the maintenance needed to keep your AC system working properly.  This will not only save you from having to suffer through a hot Texas summer without air conditioning, but it can also end up saving you quite a bit of money.  And who doesn’t like to save money? Make sure that your schedule your appointment today with us! > zhilische-vlz.ru Company 13940 Bammel North Houston Rd #111 Houston, TX 77066 http://zhilische-vlz.ru/