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It would be one hell of a lot better to cum inside her pussy where it really belongs. I am tired of seeing them cum on a fine woman s face and tits.

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I don t know why porn companies think that an erection thrust between big boobs is sexy, but cumming all over a busty woman s clavicles and in the jugular notch must feel fantastically dominant!!

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Nice story line, Love the first scene of this beauty on the sink enjoying the water running down her pretty hairy pussy. Yummy

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That s my first comment on that website : Just to say that this woman s body is just perfect *-* I want the same woman at home !

Nice cunt on this girl. Fun story too. I love the shot of her at the sink, close up of her cunt getting showered. I like this one!

Nicolette Shea will make her brother in law beg for her pussy. He was feeling horny and his wife was not in the came and fulfill his need. She sucked him off, and got her pussy pounded hard and deep and jizzed her big titties

I respect her for limiting her sex scenes to one man. She s faithful to him. It also makes me feel like she is genuinely into him. That only adds to my pleasure. I am more turned on by women who, themselves, are turned on. We all can cum together. Connie, her man, and me. One big, orgasmic, happy family.

lol.. i use to do this when i was home alone the neighbor she came up behind me and grab me rub my pussy and said i can do better than turned me around started eating my pussy than i ate her on the kitchen table we even did 69 right on the kitchen table

When I got caught masturbating by my brother in law in his house I was so embarrassed until I noticede that he was very turned on and had been watching me for a while so I shoved my wet fingers in his mouth as I grabbed him by the hair and forced his face to my pussy he licked me like a champ while I got him erect and as I pulled his head up and placed his cock in my opening his face was soaked with my juices so as he was cumming I went down and jacked his juice all over my face as we both came together.

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