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Have you noticed a draft in your home lately? It’s possible that pennies on the dollar are slipping through the cracks of your windows. Poor window installation and even drafty doors lead to lost heat and cool air causing your HVAC system to work even harder. According to, heating and cooling account for more than half of the energy consumption in a typical United States home. Imagine how that translates to your energy costs and how you could reduce your bills now that you know where the biggest impact happens to be.

Causes of Higher Energy Bills

Energy bills tend to rise and fall with the seasonal temperatures, but climate isn’t the only consideration in your energy costs. Some of the key causes of higher energy bills include:
  • Inefficient systems
  • Poor window installation
  • Improperly installed doors and skylights
  • Excessive use of hot water
  • Frost on refrigerator and freezer units
  • New appliances or electronics added to the home
  • New houseguests or family members welcomed to the home
  • Outdated light bulbs that aren’t energy-efficient
  • Vampire electronics that use energy even when turned off

How Poor Window Installation Impacts Your Bill

Poor window installations allow your home’s comfortably heated or cooled air to flow outside, causing your heater or air conditioner to run harder and more often. When windows and doors aren’t installed properly, this causes a constant drain on your home’s system. The heat pours out of the home in the winter and the air conditioning leaks outside in the summer. When this happens, the thermostat setting is harder to keep regulated so it keeps turning on and off. This all contributes to a higher energy bill each month. While weather stripping, caulk, and draft guards can be a temporary solution, having your home’s windows installed or assessed by a professional can help to prevent your energy costs from adding up so quickly. Replacement windows may seem more expensive, but the benefits usually tend to make up for the initial cost.

Tips to Keep Energy Bills Down

In addition to replacing poorly installed windows or blocking leaks, you can find other ways to keep your home’s energy bills down. Here are a few simple techniques to try:
  • Use a power strip for “vampire appliances” that suck power from your outlets even when they’re turned off. (Looking in the general direction of computers and accessories, surround sound systems, LED, LCD and rear-projection televisions, cable/satellite boxes, and other household electronics are examples.) Unplug things you don’t use or turn off the power strip when you aren’t using them.
  • Turn off lights when they aren’t in use, but more importantly, swap out older bulbs for ENERGY STAR Certified Light Bulbs. Making a simple swap can save you up to $80 per bulb in electricity costs in the long run.
  • Adjust your thermostat to be comfortable while you’re awake and let your blankets or the windows work their magic at night. Finally, adjusting your heating and cooling output even by a few degrees nightly can make a sizeable impact on your energy bill.
  • Assess old windows to see if replacements could be in order. Installing replacement windows can make a big difference in the energy lost throughout your home on a daily basis.

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